Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Am Back!

Hello! Welcome to my blog about home life and homeschooling! Maybe you are a friend of mine, or perhaps you just stumbled on to this page. Either way, I'm glad you are here. I previously blogged on this website between 2011 and 2013. Unfortunately, when life got super crazy, I completely stopped writing for a few years. Now that my kids are older and I seem to find it easier to pursue activities of my own choosing (sometimes, at least), I decided to try blogging again. I'm super excited about it, and I hope to post something once a week or so. I have many ideas floating around in my mind, and I am looking forward to sharing thoughts about life and homeschooling once again.
Today, I want to renew this new blog with a message. The message that I want to share is that I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe in what we are doing. After homeschooling for more than ten years, I still believe that it is a wonderful way to educate our children. I believe that you, as a homeschool mom, are doing an incredible job. Even on your worst day. Even on days when you feel lonely, disappointed, tired, or overlooked. Even when you aren't seeing the fruit. Even when you feel like you are failing and are unable to believe in yourself. The job you are doing is more than worthwhile. There isn't something better that you could be doing with your time. On hard days, homeschooling can be both frustrating and discouraging, and I will confess that I have spent some time fantasizing about the career I gave up in order to do this. Those fantasies would have never been reality, though. The career would have had its own frustrations, and parenting would still have its frustrations, too. Someday, your kids will grow up, and when they think back about when they were young, they will appreciate all that you sacrificed for them. Most importantly, they will never doubt your love for them. More than anything else that we could ever give, our children need our love and our time, and your kids are receiving both from you in abundance. I believe that, in the grand scheme of life, homeschooling is REALLY GOOD for our kids. There are days when we doubt that. There are days when it feels overwhelming and too difficult to continue, but by God's grace and with His help, we CAN do this! (Phillippians 4:13) I look forward to sharing this wonderful, exciting adventure called homeschooling with you.  Thank you for reading, and may God bless you and your families with a joy-filled week!