Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekly Kinder Craft Idea #1

I am currently leading simple craft projects with a group of children ages four to seven each week at our homeschool co-op. I thought I would try to post one of our crafts on the blog every week (the operative word here is try). So far, these crafts have been both enjoyable and easy for the group, with minimal adult assistance needed. I just wanted the projects to be creative and fun for the kids, and inexpensive too.

Nighttime Snowman Picture

A snowman picture made by my daughter, Grace, is shown above. I already had almost everything I needed for these pictures on hand at home. I only had to buy the eyes.

white chalk
colored chalk or pastels
black or dark blue construction paper
cotton balls
googly eyes
brown pipe cleaner (for arms and mouth)
small piece of orange pipe cleaner or yarn (for nose)
odds and ends (i.e., fabric scraps, sequins, jewels, small buttons, small pom poms, snowflake stickers, etc.)

It is nice to begin this activity with a story time, using a fun picture book about snow. I used Snowmen At Christmas by Caralyn Buehner for inspiration because of the delightful illustrations depicting snowmen at night. I know what you're thinking: Christmas is over (and you're correct), but my kids truly enjoy reading this book any time. The kids in the co-op really liked it as well. Another great book would be Snow by P.D. Eastman, but any book about snow or snowmen would make a great intro for this little project.

Start with black or dark blue construction paper. Create a snowy scene on the paper with chalk. Then spread 3 cotton balls out to desired size and shape and arrange them in descending size order (largest to smallest) from bottom to top to create a snowman. Use googly eyes and yarn or pipe cleaner pieces for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Use pipe cleaners to make arms. Additional 'odds and ends' (i.e., fabric scraps, jewels, sequins, buttons, etc.) can be used as accessories to personalize your snowman. Snowflake stickers and glitter would be fun to include in the snow scene too! Use whatever you can find at home to make this picture. It's so simple and your kids will have a great time doing it! Optional: Aerosol hairspray can be sprayed lightly on these pictures to help prevent the chalk from smearing. 

Below is Justin's snow picture. He made a "snow cheetah" instead of a snowman just because he wanted to be different.

Have fun and enjoy spending time with your precious children!