Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Kinder Craft Idea #2

Easy Origami

I am amazed by intricate origami designs, but even the most gifted origami artists surely have to start at the beginning. While your youngest children probably won't be able to sit down and immediately make a flower garden out of paper, they can begin with these very easy and fun origami projects. Below are pictures of each finished product, along with instructions or links to the instructions for these beginner origami designs. You will need square origami paper to make the dog face, sailboat, and envelope. A rectangular sheet of paper or index card is required to make the frog.

Dog Face

Below are the instructions for the very simplest of origami designs, the dog face.

Here is our finished dog face:


Next is the origami sailboat, which is also very easy and will stand up by itself when finished. The instructions for this sailboat can be found at Below is our finished sailboat:


This one is the most fun of all because the frog actually hops! Rectangular paper is needed to make this frog. We actually made two frogs: We used notebook paper for one frog and an index card for the other. The notebook paper frog hops along very slowly, so my children decided to call him Grandpa Frog. The index card frog ("the baby") not only FLIPS! How delightful! Instructions for making the frog can be found at Below, our frogs are pictured...both Baby and Grandpa:


The final origami project is this cute envelope. The kids loved the idea of writing a letter and then folding it directly into an envelope shape! Directions for making this envelope are found at Below are two envelopes that my children made:

I hope you and your children have fun with these beginning origami designs!